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Types of Wooden Houses for Sustainable Construction


Wooden houses like mobile log cabins are a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to classic steel and stone residences. Lumber is not just a natural product, but it also has environmental benefits. These wooden houses are constructed from raw, renewable materials that are both biodegradable, as well as being ‘green.’


Wooden home construction is environmentally friendly. The wood used in green architecture can come from sustainable logging. This means that the consumers can plant new trees for every tree they cut down. Maintaining this equilibrium can be crucial for environmentally conscious individuals. 


Furthermore, constructing mobile log cabins uses less energy, has a lesser environmental effect, and has a low carbon footprint than traditional construction methods.

Mobile Houses


Manufactured homes are not a recent phenomenon. Mobile homes have been in use throughout history in the US. They were designed to be inexpensive and easy to transport. Due to size constraints and materials used, they are more site-bound and less transportable. 


With the availability of modular homes, people are looking into sustainable alternatives for traditional manufactured homes. This can include wooden modular homes. 


The advantage of using wooden mobile homes is that they are made of durable wood. If wooden houses built over 200 years ago can survive to date, then so can your mobile wooden home. Another benefit is the pride you get from the craftsmanship that goes into the home. Primarily if the house is constructed by hand. 


You can experience a sense of physical and psychological well-being when surrounded by a natural shelter instead of concrete walls. 


Log Houses 


Log homes are the perfect dwellings for a weekend getaway in the woods. If you’re planning on staying in log homes permanently, they offer great benefits. The benefits of a log home range from using environmentally friendly resources like trees to withstand natural disasters. 


A solid log wood home can withstand the weight of even toppled trees on them. Log wood homes blend right into their wooden surroundings, thanks to their natural origin.


With a pre-cut and pre-drilled log system, you can easily construct your home. The ‘shell’ of your home can be built quickly and with minimal damage to the surrounding areas. This prevents exposure to elements that can create mould and mildew problems. 


Wood Frame House



Framing is when you use wood to support and structure a house ready to be constructed. A frame is similar to the skeleton of the house. A house with a wooden frame is cheaper to build due to the plentiful availability. It is non-toxic and has no chemicals, and is safe to handle. 


It can be constructed quickly on site. Another option is to put it together offsite and transport the relatively lightweight frame for assembly. 


These are some of the well-known models for a sustainable life. With increased social consciousness leads to a cleaner way of life. Thanks to their ecological and economic benefits, mobile log cabins are the way forward.