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This specialist takes care of your Dutch M-form in a city close to Nijmegen

The M-form is required when you, as an expat, have not spent the entire year in the Netherlands. However, you are not obligated to use this form when you have been working for a Dutch company for more than a year. In that case, you can file your tax return according to the regular Dutch system for tax returns. If it turns out that you do have to use the Dutch M-form, then you can rely on professional assistance from Witlox International Tax Advice near Nijmegen. This agency has been active in tax-related matters for expats since 2000 – making sure that your stay in the Netherlands is as enjoyable as possible. Read on to learn more about the M-form!

You will no longer experience any difficulties in filing your tax return

The M-form is accessible in two ways: you either download it on the government’s website or it is send to you by post. The letter M refers to the word “migration” and is obligated for individuals who have immigrated into the Netherlands and individuals who have emigrated from the Netherlands to another country. The form can be completed digitally and on paper. However, there are two difficulties in filling out this form: it is issued entirely in Dutch and consists of dozens of pages. Therefore, the help of this specialist near Nijmegen saves you a lot of time and effort in completing the Dutch M-form. Witlox International Tax Advice takes care of the document from start to finish. The only thing you have to do is providing them with your personal details.

The advantages at a glance

Will you be contacting this specialist near Nijmegen to take care of your Dutch M-form? Then you will be assisted by an expert in tax-related matters for expats. Moreover, you will benefit from a personal approach and one-on-one contact. The advice is always tailored to your personal financial situation. This way, you will enjoy a carefree tax return!