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What to read for new ideas and broadening your horizons? Three novelties to which we recommend paying attention!

“Man + Machine” by Paul Doherty and James Wilson

A book about how artificial intelligence will change our world and our jobs soon. Unlike many others, the authors of the book have a positive view of the development of AI. They believe that we will only benefit from the fact that technology will penetrate more and more into our lives. Yes, many professions for a person will simply cease to exist. But others will come in their place. Yes, somewhere you have to sacrifice privacy, but security will increase. Life in the era of algorithms, in collaboration, will become simple and convenient. The book is not a utopia. The authors reason wisely and provide many useful scientific data to support their hypotheses. For those who are already tired of seeing judgment day in every IT invention, and who want to take a fresh and positive look at the technological world, this is the Mastread book!

“Business Genius” Allen Gunnett

“Geniuses do not become, geniuses are born.” We have been listening to this phrase since birth. And at some point we realize that we were not born geniuses. Not. After all, we are failing. We cannot even solve the simplest mathematical formula, let alone invent a new iPhone. It means that we were not lucky, but someone else. Someone else will receive the Nobel Prize, but not us. But the author of the book refutes this defeatist position. They become geniuses. Through hard work, through sleepless nights, through stress and pain, and also through faith in victory, a bit of creativity and a little randomness. In his book, the author shares with us a unique method that will help wake up his genius, and everyone has it, and start to flourish. It doesn’t matter in what area. You will find your talent where you want it. The book is worth reading for everyone who has lost inspiration, does not believe in themselves and is in a creative crisis.

“Secret Expert” Michael Mikalko

The book is attractive both for its cover, quality of workmanship and its content. And this is exactly what you expect from the author of the legendary “Rice Storm”. Michael shares with us his secret knowledge of what ideas really are and how to think in order to create a truly unique product. You will be reading this book, even if right now you are not tasked with creating something brilliant. The book is funny, rich, filled with many different examples from life about how people like you and I managed to come up with truly outstanding things that change the course of history and our view of the world.

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