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The gap in the market. Just find that. As Hotelbon inventor Chris Luken told Emerce, “People often ask me ‘what’s the hole in the market?’ but you always know that only after the fact.” Thanks Mr. Luken. Fortunately, other entrepreneurs, VCs and scientists did come around. The result: a list without pretentions, but for inspiration. So that you can come up with idea No. 100 yourself: the idea that will allow you to start a successful business.


1. Find a gap in the market.

The biggest problem. The best chance of finding the gap is in the vicinity of a trend, preferably one that you spot yourself first. 

2. Search engine espionage.

Trends can also be observed by closely following what people search for. Every search engine has such an option. Yahoo has made a separate gimmick of it: the Buzz index. (  ). Worth knowing: according to a Washington Post survey, 77 percent of business decision-makers use the Web as a primary source for new products and services.


3. Search engine marketing.

The most successful form of Internet marketing to date (both for operators, advertisers and intermediaries such as Overture): link banners to keywords or (sell) a place at the top of the search results. Whether it benefits the visitor is another story.


4. Buy a bankrupt estate and patch it up.

Merchandise is available .


5. Idea search. Ideas abound on the Internet.

Those at  (over 700 of them) may be freely abused.


6. Do better.

Find a company with poor service or too high prices and do better. Just starting a competitor of UPC is tough. But think of Stelios: he did manage to scare the big airlines with EasyJet.


7. E-business.

If you want to do better with e-business, listen to Edwin Basten, director Netdirect: “E-business only works if it has an added value, not because it is e-business. So you have to be better than your competitors and keep customers happy. If your e-business actually adds value, you can sell more products to your customers at better prices.”


8. Daily problems.

Ask your friends about their daily problems and come up with a commercial solution to them. “Busy, busy, busy,” must have been the comment that got the people at SuperServer thinking. Superserver now provides personal services at the office. Dry cleaning, shoe repair and so on.


9. Storage (1). does in storage. Not of digital data, but of goods. Put the stuff in a special closet and CityCloset (only in the US) picks it up. The company also brings them back if desired. Not yet seen in the Netherlands.


10. Storage (2).

Even smaller. With the current method of information storage the magnetization lies in the plane of the tape or hard disk and the smallest dimension of a bit is limited because an even smaller bit volume makes the bit unstable. A promising alternative is a method in which the magnetization is perpendicular to the hard disk. This has the advantage that the layer thickness of the magnetic thin film matters less, so the bits can be smaller. Thus, the bits can become smaller. 



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